Action... Quiet On The Set!!!
Action… Quiet On The Set!!!

The Story Behind Moonshine Kingdom

A high energy Dark Action Comedy is about group of four moonshiners from southern Ohio who are given an opportunity they can not refuse. They are asked to do the unspeakable crime of teaching an outsider, how to make the family’s special moonshine recipe, and to make matters worse it turns out that the students are a group of thugs from the city, who have probably never been to the country before. Needless to say things do not end up going as planned for either side, and the result is a chaos ridden adventure that will leave you guessing all the way to the end.

The Men Behind The Curtain

The feature film Moonshine Kingdom debuted at the 2013 American Market where they met Nanotech Entertainment and the founders of Ultra-Flix which will be the first 4K streaming network. The two filmmakers from Cleveland, Ohio set out to make their indie film entirely in 4K for the big screen. This is Milton Horowitz’s and Ryan Forte’s first step into the motion picture industry. These two were faced with the harsh conditions of the country such as extreme heat, natural gas infused well water, unpredictable weather and mud like you’ve never seen before. Director/Writer Milton Horowitz & Producer/Cinematographer Ryan Forte spent a month living in the Moonshine Kingdom in order to make this vision come alive. The two independent filmmakers made the first full length feature film to ever be streamed over the internet in native 4K UHD resolution. The film was most recently seen at CES 2014.”

The Creators of Moonshine Kingdom